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Throwback[thursday] to last spring :D - Q& A Spring 2013

officially migrating my videos from vimeo to my youtube 

Stay tuned for some of my new video projects!

what is your coming out story? How old were you when you came out?


I was 18. It was the summer after I graduated high school, my friends and I were all hanging out. It was the conversation we had, which revolved around Prop 8, that it suddenly dawned on me that I was gay. Up until that point I honestly didn’t even think twice about it. But when I did realize, it was like the blurry green blobs turned into green leaves on a tree.

Good blogs you can think of, that people should follow?


Off the top of my head..

Christina -

Ciselle -

Jackie -

Melanee -

Larraine -

Erin -

Enjoy :) 

Share ten facts about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers. <3


1. I have a love and appreciation for the small things in life. 

2. I’ve recently acquired certain coffee apparatuses to begin making pour over coffee. (In relation to fact 1) It’s brilliant how the most simple method can make an incredible cup of coffee. 

3. I have a Vespa named Jean-Pierre. (side note: I find humour in irony)

4. I just made a travel/personal blog here - and I think you should follow it :)

5. I really like photography if you haven’t noticed.

6. I’m going to Europe for the first time evers in a day and I’m beyond excited. 

7. I’m a ridiculous human being.

8. Modern family is one of my favorite shows right now (Only bc New Girl is over) and sometimes, I feel like Cam’s sassiness rubs off on me in real life.  

9. I really like hand made things. I.e. Etsy.

10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Come follow my personal/travel blog!


official blog for my personal photos/travel updates

A Q and A video a follower dared me to do.! I almost chickened out but here it is. :)

15 questions, 8 mins of randomness.

ps. Question 14 was what song best describes your life right now? I set it as the background music. :]

Warning: tons of awkwardness included.

Yessss, Q and A video is almost done loading :D be warned, I sound purrrdy boring ;P

Will u share some of ur fav blogs?


I’ll answer this question here bc it’s easier to link. I had answered this question a while back but I’ll post some of my other favourite blogs too :)

Jenny -

Jax -

Daybra -

Louise - 

Larraine -

Sam -

These are just to name a few :)

tell me a story? :)


Haha.. So this past weekend, I stopped by at Costco to do an occasional browse and used an electric wheel chair to ride around being that I’ve been using crutches. (I’ve always wanted to ride one and I mean it was my one and only chance… So I had to take the opportunity right? :D) I swear, Those things have ridiculously good turning radiuses because I was trying to reverse to turn around but I happened to be at the end of the alcohol aisle and ended up knocking over two boxes of beer whilst turning -___- Luckily, I had quick ninja reactions and slightly caught the boxes with the front of the cart and the beer bottles didn’t break when they fell down. PHEW! :)

Did I mention this was right after St.Patty’s Mimosa Brunch? Moral of the story.. Don’t drink and ride an Electric Wheelchair. ahah.. 

where have you traveled outside the U.S. and where to next?


Outside of the US, I’ve been to China, Vietnam, and Mexico. Those were all trips when I were younger though.
My bucket list..
A lodge to lodge trek in Machu Picchu, Peru - Cycling from Rome to Tuscany - Snowboarding in Whistler, BC, CA - Seeing museums in Europe - Exploring London, France.. Ireland, Korea, Japan.
Oh You know.. Just suffering from mad wanderlust. Haha.
In the near future(2013), i will be trying to visit NY, the bean in Chicago, Colorado, Riding bikes and drinking beer in Portland and getting rained on in Seattle :D my replies are always essays -___- anyone volunteer to be my traveling buddy?:)

how long did it take for it to stop hurting..? to forget someone? and have u ever allowed yourself to freefall again...? :(


It took a while.. at least a year..? Only because it lingered for awhile. But I don’t think you ever really forget the people you have loved. I finally had enough self respect to realize that I deserved better than what was happening between the dynamic of her and I. In some way it’s made me sort of jaded.. Which I hate that I am but you learn a lot from experiences like that :) So I’ve chosen to stay single. if I were to be with someone in the future..they would have to be pretty amazing to change that! :P so I guess.. No, I haven’t really allowed myself to free fall for someone since. I kind of miss being young, vulnerable.. Raw, & willing to give so much love.

what ethnicity are you?


Oooo oooo, can we play the guessing game? :D You guess, and I’ll guess yours.

I’ll go first. You come from anonymity descent? ;P 

but really.. I’m vietnamese (mixed with some chinese) 

what is ur favorite season?


WINTERRRRR :D Can you tell. “Smiling’s my favorite”

Do you see yourself proposing to the girl of your dreams or do you prefer to be proposed to? :)


Monica proposed to Chandler. Just sayin’ :D So I’d say me proposing to someone isn’t entirely out of the question.

Would you leave a relationship if you start to feel bored or when it starts to get boring?


Relationships are always a struggle and takes work, but at the same time it can be the most rewarding thing. I would never leave a relationship just cause it was “boring”. I’d work at it and try as much as I could first. Hence.. Why one of my relationships lasted 6 months too long.. lol. Of course, there are better suited people for each other but that’s why you take time to get to know them first :) relationships are a big step, in my opinion.